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Taxi Booking Software Takes Aim

Taxi Booking Software Takes aim at Independent Taxi Cab Companies

Since the beginning of April, 2017, there’s a new player in continuing saga that is the taxi industry versus ride sharing. While the exact number of taxi cab companies, including owner/operators is up for debate, there’s no disputing that there are many taxi cab companies that have felt their businesses impacted by the advent of ride sharing. One company is aiming to help level the field by providing the online technology that taxi cab companies are so often found lacking. That company is called TaxiAPI.

Their software consists of two web applications. One for booking taxis on the client side, and one for the management of those bookings and related tasks. The software is designed to be embedded on an existing website, replacing old “contact form” style booking pages, and allows users to book taxi services immediately, and pay online with any credit card. A complete dashboard is provided for the taxi cab owner to manage routings, track online bookings, configure the booking form features, and perform marketing tasks. (Such as request reviews, and send driver introductions, etc.)

According to the creator, inspiration behind TaxiAPI is drawn from the fact the developer, Mr. Elmer Twilley likes to see small business be able to compete with large entities through the use of the proper technology. According to Mr. Twilley, “I like to do business local, but there’s a global marketplace, so local businesses have to work harder, do more and take advantage of tools like TaxiAPI to level the playing field a bit.”

It would appear that the offering from TaxiAPI will fit a niche that’s currently not being served by other taxi booking or taxi dispatch software, being specifically targeted to small business owners. Mr. Twilley added, “TaxiAPI lets you continue to run your business the way you want to, and is an unobtrusive way to start building a significant online presence with a booking system people love to use. After all, no downloads, or account creation is required to book a ride with a taxi company that is using TaxiAPI. It’s so simple and straightforward, and that– I think is a big part of its appeal.”

According to Mr. Twilley, the system was designed as to be as user-friendly as possible, with management screens being, “clean and uncluttered,” as well as being mobile-friendly. He claims his background in programming and Information Technology, especially creating server applications, middleware, and data-entry applications for large corporations has helped drive the design of the user interface. Currently Mr. Twilley is owner and lead developer of two web development companies, local to Panama City Beach, Florida.

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