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About TaxiAPIExplore the TaxiAPI website, read up on our taxi booking software offerings for the booking side and the admin side. The TaxiAPI is a set of proprietary, membership-based web applications, which offer taxi companies and independent taxi owners/drivers the ability to both book fares online and manage many aspects of the online experience, along with routing functionality.

Let’s face it, people expect easy! And before you are either (A) replaced by so called, “driver-less vehicles”, or, (B) put out of business by the Uber/Lyft phenomena— We present the TaxiAPI. The easiest way to learn more about us is to read up about what the system does and does not do by checking out the Taxi Booking API FAQ or the Benefits & Advantages.

The System Focuses on 3 Core Areas

Booking & Payment

The mobile-friendly or “responsive” booking form was built from the ground up with Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

from GetBootStrap.

Bootstrap works very well on every size device, and is faster than any other booking form because it’s simple, clean and valid HTML and uses the most popular and robust platforms, frameworks and cloud-based assets. Payment couldn’t be any simpler through PayPal, who practically invented online payments, and as of the end of 2016 have around 200 million active accounts/users. This makes the technology and the way users pay you the most popular around. That way the form and method of payment look and feel, “familiar” That’s good news for you. Also all transactions are protected with SSL technology, and that gives users a sense of security they need, even though it’s PayPal collecting their payment information. It’s just a nice safeguard to know that even their email address is encrypted during the back and forth transmission/communication with the TaxiAPI servers.

Routing & Management

TaxiAPI allows you to run your business the way you want to, and by using TaxiAPI, you don’t have to adopt any special practices, or methods. What we do is facilitate you running your business the way you want to. On the Admin side, we’ve focused on simplicity, and ease-of-use. Things like:

  • Introduce and route a trip in a single click
  • Daily routing map with clusters, mileage and more
  • Get directions in one click
  • Multiple ways to configure your booking form with amazing options
  • Use powerful tools like, fleet, drivers, trips
  • Benefit from engaging and analytical reports (powered by Crystal Reports)

Get your work done in minutes, not hours. TaxiAPI will definitely improve the way you communicate with your passengers and your drivers, and organize your data.

Reviews & Marketing

Since TaxiAPI allows you to request a review with a click, the system makes it easy to collect that information from the end-user. The review collection form is also very simple, and straight forward. Click a rating value, and enter a comment if they like, and TaxiAPI does the rest. You can also embed these collected reviews exactly like the booking form, so it’s easy to display your positive reviews (whereby individual reviews can be hidden/shown with a simple toggle.) These facts, plus the ease-of-use factors make it much simpler for you to get your website popular with actual users, and search engines. Marketing your taxi service will never be easier.

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