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White Label Taxi App Versus Taxi API

Apps and APIS

This article is intended to illustrate some of the differences between a white label taxi app and the Taxi API that’s available here. While taxi booking apps and taxi booking software share some things such as allowing taxi companies to manage bookings derived from mobile users, Taxi API takes it s few steps further by essentially allowing bookings on mobile, tablet, desktop, or any other device connected to the Internet. Since most apps are basically a wrapper around what is online data, this makes a great deal of sense. Other advantages that Taxi API has over its, “download this app” competitors is that it’s sitting there ready to take a booking immediately. No questions or drawbacks exist in the consumer’s mind. However with Taxi Apps, that may not always be the case.

  • Should I trust this app I’ve never heard of?
  • Should I really download this app using my mobile data?
  • Should I bother to download this app?
  • What’s the reviews on this app?
  • Is this app going to work correctly on my phone?
  • What are my privacy concerns when using this app on my phone?

This is just a few of the concerns that exists for your users if your current method of booking online consists of an app that is a private, or so-called, “white label.” This can definitely lead to obstacles for your users successfully booking your taxi service online. We certainly feel that you shouldn’t give any reason whatsoever for not booking online! More and more, consumers of smartphone technology are concerned about their privacy, and what an app can do with their phone’s data BEFORE THEY DOWNLOAD. These fears and concerns have been growing for years, and have only become stronger since the it was confirmed by the CIA that they essentially lost control over their state-of-the-art smartphone technology hacking tools. Check this article out for some useful information regarding that.

Our Solution

Our taxi booking software (Taxi API) doesn’t require users to register, or download anything that can (potentially) read their private data, or access the private information they have stored on their phones. This makes it an extremely easy choice when users decide whether they will book or not through your online and mobile-friendly booking form. You can learn more about our features, functionality, and ease of use by visiting our FAQ page.

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