Taxi Booking via API

Introducing Version 2.0 of the Taxi API

Introducing Taxi API 2

Introducing taxi-booking awesomeness! Thanks for visiting us online! provides online solutions for taxi owners and taxi businesses to be able to immediately take bookings/fares online, and better communicate online with customers, past fares, and potential bookings. That’s right! As soon as you sign up for, you get an embed code for your website to display your online taxi booking form, your review form, and you get a user name and password for the powerful admin side. We actually refer to our software as a “booking and routing engine”. (That’s because it’s fast, and just runs!)

Quit taking orders from your customers with an email form, or other antiquated online booking methods. Create your account, and you’ll be able to book online, and get paid immediately as well. Apply any of the fees, or restrict bookings by day, date, and hour. Even suspend booking with a single click while you are on vacation if you are a single-taxi business. What we’re saying— is that there are all the options you need to be able to correctly calculate your customer’s fare, and they can pay online with the world’s easiest way to get paid online (PayPal)

Born in the USA

Introducing Taxi API 2
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TaxiAPI is built in the United States by a developer with 25 years of experience, and a company that takes care of its customers. The Taxi API will assist your business in many ways, and we believe that it fills a niche not currently being served properly. Sure, there’s a few companies out there offering basic taxi booking apps, or Plugins for Joomla and WordPress, plus other PHP-based systems, but there is no other taxi booking engine currently written as a server-side in-memory application. It runs exclusively on enterprise-class Microsoft Server software, and was built on top of the ultra-reliable Microsoft Internet Information Server. Nothing slows it down, as it’s a single executable file with zero dependencies. There’s so many unique features that it easily fits the needs of many taxi companies!

Why Choose Taxi API???

We’ve looked at, researched and tested other taxi booking software offerings, and have found them lacking. They all seem clunky, not truly mobile-friendly, and even most make you download a custom app, create an account, then order a taxi. That’s simply not convenient. Why drive traffic away from your website??? It makes no sense! Will anyone find your app? Can they download it? Can they install it and then discover it’s not working right on their phone? That’s not a problem with our system because it runs anywhere! It runs on your phone, tablet, computer, or anything else. Most apps are simply wrappers around websites anyway, but still depend on the phone’s architecture to function correctly. Our system can be linked to, and marketed in a way that you will start getting tons of business. Why offer someone a custom app, and drive them away from your website when you can simply start the booking process immediately on the web?

Speaking of Marketing

The marketing tools that are built into Taxi API are awesome. Send out requests for reviews in one click. Users can leave a review in a few seconds with the super simple, well-designed and thoughtful interface. Then as soon as you get a review, it’s displaying on your website. No worries though, you can always approve the reviews later if you like. Just set that option! While we haven’t thought of everything and we are launching with Version 2.0— Just imagine what version 3 will bring, and at no extra cost to you either! Also send an email with your driver’s picture if you choose, resend confirmation, print .pdf ride reports, and keep track of every ride you book online. You can even download your database any time!

Simply look around our site, check out the demos and then sign up to make your taxi business start humming with online booking, and other features second to none.

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