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Welcome to the Taxi API frequently asked questions section. If you have a questions, odds are good that we may have already answered it here. If you have a question or topic that hasn’t been covered, please contact us.

Taxi API Frequently Asked Questions

We are glad you asked! We expect people to use our site to inform themselves as much as they can about what Taxi API does and how it can help their taxi business become more successful online using our website. You should do this by visiting our benefits and advantages summary on this page. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to change a single thing about the way you currently route your taxi cabs, or the way your business operates. We are simply appending your existing infrastructure with a web-based booking system, and advanced communication with your online bookings. In this way, we are totally unlike other so-called “Taxi Cab Software” that makes you depend 100% on their, in may ways, sub-par ‘solutions.’

Have you had a look at the taxi booking form demo? It’s very easy. It’s mobile-friendly, and you don’t have to create an account to book. In fact, we made sure that it was very easy, and attractive so that more and more customers will book over and over. You can even book a return. Areas are hidden until needed, and it’s lightweight so it loads fast on phones and tablets when using slower mobile data connections.

Now that you are a member and can take online bookings, you should definitely make sure the world knows, or at the very least your local area. Taxi API has some marketing stuff built in like, being able to request a review in a click, and then displaying those reviews in a clean and consistent manner, automatically on your website. If you aren’t so great in the marketing department, you should definitely take advantage of some low-cost, but effective SEO packages provided by one of our sister companies, SEO in Design. (Ask for Elmer Twilley)

Category: Marketing

Taxi API isn’t actually new! It’s just been in private build mode, with only certain taxi companies using it. (Since version 1.0) We’ve since released version 1.5, and now are launching publicly with version 2.0. How exciting for us to be able to offer our services to anyone needing them!

Well you want to get paid online right? Right— so since PayPal’s slogan is the “easiest way to get paid online”, we believe that’s it’s the simplest, and friendliest way to get paid. In fact, our parent company has been using PayPal for almost twenty years. Throughout that time, there’s only been a couple issues that weren’t resolved to our satisfaction. We plan to offer support for Strip and a few other gateways, but right now, if you want to use Taxi API you will need a PayPal account with access to a PayPal IPN. (Instant Notification Url)

Category: PayPal Related

It’s really easy! Log in to your admin side, set a few important options in a nice, clean and simple to use interface, then use the embed code that you will have access to once you log in and paste it into your website. Do the same for the reviews page embed code. You will also have to set up a PayPal IPN url, which is simple to do inside the PayPal Website. We offer complete support through this procedure, but in general there certainly should be no stumbling blocks and nothing is complicated at all about any of these super-simple steps.

You sure can. Like any other content management system, WordPress is just another way to create web pages, and manage that content. TaxiAPI can be used inside any CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Expression Engine, Text Pattern, Silver Stripe, Umbraco, Concrete, PHPNuke, ASP pages, etc. It’s totally platform independent.

If you fall under any of these categories, then you are in luck! These are the current business classifications that we believe will find TaxiAPI useful, if not indispensable! NAICS (Since 2002).

Cab (i.e., taxi) services
Taxicab dispatch services
Taxicab fleet operators
Taxicab organizations
Taxicab owner-operators
Taxicab services

That’s easy. The booking form didn’t send a reservation??? Slow down, slim— the booking form sends the email, surely, and we only use ultra-reliable SMTP email functionality, directly from MailGun.Com – Reliable Email Development. So the answer here is likely that the end-user, the individual booking the form either has, (A) Yahoo Email. or (B) That user has allowed your booking email to go into the spam box. That being said, this is the Internet. Practically anything could have happened in transit as the email bounces between servers. Typically the IP addresses which MailGun uses are free from being blacklisted on the “Email server level”.

That’s really no problem. We will create a basic website for you within a week. Or you can take advantage of your API services with just a link. Note: The system will have to be configured for this. Then, you will be able to post your link anywhere, and it leads directly to YOUR company’s booking and routing page. Or you can choose to purchase a low-cost website to use your new taxi routing and booking engine on from our official web design firm.

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