Benefits & Advantages

Prime Benefits

Benefits & AdvantagesIf you want to take advantage of our Taxi API, and use it to its full potential, you first must know what those benefits and advantages are.

Before outlining every feature and option, which can easily be found on other pages, Let’s discuss “Perceived Benefits”. Perhaps the best of those is the boost to your business and its efficiency by either (A) Beginning to take online booking for fares, or (B) Improving your already existing ability of accepting these fares online. As professional web developers, we theorize that lots of small taxi companies and individual taxi owners have the ability to book rides online. That being said, we also know that many of these systems are slow, old, and wholly incomplete, plus sometimes just do not function correctly. Not everyone can be expected to be an IT expert, and not every web developer has the necessary experience and skill to create a reliable end-product! That translates into you losing business. Our Taxi API can be depended on to run your organization, and its online efforts smoothly and reliably. Most of these other types of booking forms either don’t collect enough information, are hard to fill out, or require to create an account, or even worse, download a hard-to-find app. (Some reasons they can be hard to find are (A) they aren’t popular and (B) they have similar names to other taxi booking apps, because basically your existing app is the same app with a different name. This detracts end-users from actually completing a booking! How smart is that actually? Do you really want to send a potential customer off to find an app in the same app directory as Uber and Lyft? Other booking software provides just repackages the apps over and over again, because they are simple wrappers over your account. Our app doesn’t work that way, and when it launches, fares will also be available to book inside it. There will be no mistaking the the apps for Android and Apple phones. Does your budget really afford itself to a huge chunk for marketing this so-called, “custom app” available from others? Most people don’t necessarily like to download strange apps in the first place, but they will visit a nice website with modern, easy-to-use features in a heartbeat. So, essentially we believe that your online bookings will increase dramatically, (part of your benefits) and that customers will return again and again, thanks in part to the extremely friendly interface and ease of use that’s built in.

Speaking of Architecture

Many taxi booking forms depend on a multitude of technologies or platforms. This may include WordPress, PHP, etc.

First and foremost, part of our benefits means that TaxiApi runs on ANY website. Everyone knows unless you have a dedicated server, those systems mentioned above can run slowly! This is especially true when running in a shared hosting environment. Not so with our Booking Engine! Built on blazing fast ISAPI technologies and optimized with cloud-based assets, TaxiApi is a performer. That means you won’t lose bookings due to bounce rate or because of slow response from a PHP or WordPress-based booking form. We aren’t saying that these platforms are bad, or that building on top of them is wrong. We simply know that our technology works faster, because of no other dependencies other than the JavaScript libraries, which are hosted on super-fast cloud-based servers.

The options and settings that are part of the amazing, mobile-friendly user interface of the admin side help your business prosper by enabling you to configure your pricing in a simple, logical manner.

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